BYUTV International Case

BYUTV International

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Client: BYUTV International

Date: 05 abril 2013

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Website: BYUTVInt.Org

Scenario – One of the principle goals of BYU Television International is providing quality content that is both cultural and educational.  The service of BYU Broadcasting, connected to the BrighamYoungUniversity’s College of communications (second biggest university in the United States) was a rapidly consolidating project that has stimulated the studios to acquire the structure of the biggest tv broadcasters in the world. To extend BYUTVi’s performance to Brazil, Jô Ribes Communication was chosen as the Communication Agency for this national territory.


Challenges: Jô Ribes Communication was responsible, according to the institutions briefing, for organizing an action strategy for the Brazilian market, which included the construction and strengthening of the brand towards the sector, which includes TV Subscription providers and the public in general.


With a content that is motivational, educational, entertaining and innovative, BYUTVi came with the purpose of enriching Brazilians lives. Our role was to support the channel’s introduction into the country and open and solidify partnerships while working with the release to the press.


Action taken:


We participated in expositions and meetings with governmental entities, groups of lawyers and section companies to introduce the channel and develop partnerships. We also created a campaign of printed communication and coordinated the responsible teams for making official the company’s entrance to Brazil. We were also responsible for the presenting the channel to the press.




BYUTVi, that has been focusing its programming on the welfare of human beings for the last 10 years, in only two years, passed its broadcasting from 1.6 million to 6 million households in Latin America. Guided by family values, it has become  a powerful tool for educational enrichment and entertainment, creating and producing programs that stimulate changes in personal and professional life and social and environmental awareness. Soon BYUTVi will be available in Brazilian households through important TV Subscription providers.

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