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Client: FTD Publisher

Date: 05 abril 2013

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Website: FTD Publisher

Scenario - For over 12 years, we have attended the FTD Publisher Centennial, founded by the Maristas brothers, with over 66 million books and pullouts published only in 2009 and a group of more than 1300 authors of literature or didactic pieces.


ChallengesTraditionally known for its textbooks, our challenge was showing the quality of the publisher’s literature, both with regard to the authors, quality of the titles and the work’s completion.


Action taken – We developed several methods, and among which we interviewed authors, illustrators and editors of each publisher’s book, elaborated the press releases and sent it, with copies of the new books being released. We also gave support in events, Book Biennials and countless visits to press professionals.


Results – The publisher’s works were reviewed and quoted several times in print, speech, broadcast and digital press, allowing the journalists, and consequently the consumer, associate the publisher with the works of infants and teens of high quality.


One example is the release of Orlando Villas Bôas / História e causos, the posthumous autobiography of the famous indigenous expert that passed away at age 88 in 2002. We organized the book’s publicity, an event at Barra da Tijuca’s (RJ) FNAC, lectures from one of Villas Bôa’s sons, an autograph session, and an exposition of the family’s possessions acquired during their stay in Xingu.

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