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Instituto Pró-Livro

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Client: Instituto Pró-Livro

Date: 05 abril 2013

Categories: Cases

Website: ProLivro.Org

Scenario: Created in October of 2006, the Instituto Pró-Livro is a private non-profit association whose main goal is to instigate the diffusion and reading of literature. Founded and maintained by book entities  – ABRELIVROS, CBL, SNEL and publishers. Pró-Livro introduces a set of methods and projects specifically designed to promote literary competency, reading habits, and access to books. These methods are especially focused in making information on Brazilian culture available to the Brazilian population.


Challenges: The creation of IPL is an institutional response to the worries of specialists of different segments – public and private – of education, culture, production and distribution of literature, by the levels of literary competency and reading habits of Brazilian people, which is significantly inferior to the average of industrialized and developing countries. Many of the projects of the entity were formulated around the study Retratos da Leitura no Brasil, commissioned by IBOPE Inteligência by Pró-Livro. The study’s goal was to trace the updated profile of the behavior of the Brazilian reader – its preferences, motivations and also the factors that hinder access to books and reading.


Action taken: The main projects of IPL, since 2007 when it effectively initiated its activities, became a reference and contributed to the legitimization of its performance and presence in the main events of the book promoted by the government and book entities. Jô Ribes role was to publicize the organization to the press and give support in events organized by IPL and develop partnerships.


Results: One of the highlights is the publicizing of the research “Retratos da Leitura no Brasil” all over the country. The publicity generated over 1750 inserts in 2012 alone through special stories to several communication media, organizing of press conferences with press-kits, containing interpretations of the research results. Worthy of note is that Jô Ribes coordinated the creation of a video with testimonies of several artists and opinion makers about the importance of reading that was broadcasted through the Globo Network for free.

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